Interior Designer in Edina MN | 7 Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Color

Interior Designer in Edina MNare you looking to paint your house? | 7 Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Color

Painting your house can be a daunting task, with an oftentimes high-risk for error or failure. So, here are a few helpful tips to help you choose the right paint color for whatever room you want to paint: Interior Designer in Edina MN

1) Think about the purpose

Before you even start thinking about which color to paint your room, it’s best to first consider what the purpose of the room is. What kind of mood are you going for? What kind of mood would suit that room? Look for inspiration first, and consider the paint colors second. For example, the paint colors you would choose to paint your kitchen or paint your living room are probably different than the paint colors you would envision for your bedroom, bathroom, or your child’s room–so purpose is very important.

2) Choose your furniture and textiles first

It goes without saying that whatever paint colors you choose should go with the furniture and textiles in the room. If the furniture and textiles are already picked out, then the kinds of colors you can choose to go with them will already be automatically narrowed down. If you haven’t picked out your furniture, cabinets, or textiles yet, focus on doing that first and then try to find paint colors that will compliment them later.

3) lighting is everything Interior Designer in Edina MN

Pay close attention to the lighting in the room you’re thinking of painting. Is it a room that gets a lot of natural sunlight, or is it dimmer? The sunlight that you get from the north and the sunlight you get from the south are different kinds of lighting, so pay attention to the amount of light and how it makes the rest of the room look. Also, use swatches or painted boards to see how the color looks in artificial lighting at nighttime as well.

4) Pay attention to trends

Another good way to narrow down your interior paint options is to look at the current trends–see which colors other home owners or interior designers are using for the kind of room you are looking to paint, be it a kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom, and so on. Many interior design articles, blogs, and magazines will often list specific paint brands, colors, and hues that they used in their designs, as well as the styles, furniture, and textiles that go best with them. Interior Designer in Edina MN

5) you don’t have to choose just one

If there are a couple of colors you’re looking at and you just can’t choose, consider using a combination of different, complimentary colors. Or, start with the bolder or brighter color first, and then decide if you want to incorporate other colors with it. If you aren’t sure of how to mix and match different colors in a way that will not only compliment each other but the rest of the room, consider consulting an interior designer in Edina MN for help!

6) choose your paint colors at home

It can be really hard to visualize how certain colors you see on paper will look on your room’s walls–especially at a store. Take the color swatches you like home with you and hold them up against your walls, furniture, and textiles to see if they go well together. Also, consider buying a white board to paint the color you’re thinking of using and hold it up against your walls to give you an idea about how it will look when it’s actually painted.

7) choose your finish Interior Designer in Edina MN

A lot of people often forget about using a finish when deciding to paint the interior of their homes. Finishes can enhance and even change the look of the paint color you decide to use, so it’s good to think of how certain paint colors will look with the proper finish. If you aren’t sure which finish would work best for the paint color(s) you’ve selected, ask your local interior designer in Edina MN for help with selecting the right one for you and your paint needs. Interior Designer in Edina MN Interior Designer in Edina MN Interior Designer in Edina MN

Are you thinking of touching up or redesigning your house, office, or business? If so, try contacting Emily Korf, your local interior designer in Edina MN, at or 612-414-7794. Interior Designer in Edina MN Interior Designer in Edina MN Interior Designer in Edina MN