Interior Designer in Lake Elmo MN | 10 Helpful Tips For Accessorizing Your Coffee Table

Interior Designer in Lake Elmo MNAre you looking to spruce up your place? | 10 Tips For Accessorizing Your Coffee Table

Have you been looking for ways to spruce up your place a bit, but aren’t exactly sure how? Accessorizing your coffee table can be an easy and great way to add character and style to your place! But, what is the best way to go about it? Here are 10 great tips to help your accessorize your coffee table: Interior Designer in Lake Elmo MN

1) create a focal point

One of the easiest and simplest design tricks is creating a single-piece focal point. This can be a vase of flowers, a book, a sculpture, a simple decorative piece–or some combination of two or three of those things. Sometimes less is more, and one of the biggest pitfalls that interior designers fall into is sometimes adding too many things. Try to pick a single-statement or center piece that you want people to focus on and simply leave it at that. Interior Designer in Lake Elmo MN

2) Consider using a tray

Trays are a great interior design trick to make a coffee table display that may otherwise look unintentional or disparate seem fancier, neater, and more cohesive. By adding a tray, you’re showing that the items you’re displaying on your coffee table have a purpose, that they’re meant to stand out, and belong together–that they’re telling a collective story together. Try arranging a stack of books, coasters, candles, personal items, and flowers on a tray to create a simple and harmonious arrangement.

3) incorporate books

Books are a designer go-to when it comes to styling your coffee table. Not only are they great conversational pieces for anyone who comes over to your place, but they’re also an eclectic and organized way to add some style and sophistication to your coffee table. Try stacking books and adding some flowers or placing some personal trinkets or ornamental pieces near or on top of them. Interior Designer in Lake Elmo MN

4) add natural elements

Flowers are often a good way to add some beauty and nature to your coffee table display, but there are also other natural items that you can add to spruce up your space. Consider adding actual plants, herbs, rocks, seashells, fossils, coral, seasonal items (i.e., a decorative squash), or any other kind of natural elements you can think of! If you need help thinking of ways to add some life to your interior design displays, consider asking your local interior designer in Lake Elmo MN for their input on how to make your display and place more refreshing and natural looking.

5) Consider balance Interior Designer in Lake Elmo MN

One of the things people often don’t take into consideration when styling their coffee tables is balance. Ideally, there should be some kind of symmetry or balance of items on your coffee table, be it the “four corners” approach, wherein you place items in the four corners of your coffee table, or a tall center piece in the middle with two approximately similar displays (i.e., stacks of books, trinkets, etc.) on either side, supporting your focal piece. Always check to see if your display looks balanced when arranging your coffee table. Interior Designer in Lake Elmo MN

6) Combine shapes, textures, and heights

A great thing to consider when planning out how to accessorize your coffee table display is mixing and matching different shapes, textures, and heights. Consider matching the velvety, softness of a display of flowers with the smooth, shininess of a decorative dish, the sparkly, coarseness of some ornamental rocks, the hard, flatness of a book, or the creamy, waxiness of a candle and the hard, rustic look of a candlestick.

7) compliment the style of the room

This may seem like an obvious one, but the style of the room in which your coffee table is in majorly influences which design approach to take when accessorizing your coffee table. Consider the colors, themes, and and furniture in the room. If the room is already elaborately decorated and styled, then a simpler coffee table arrangement may be better. If the room is simple and plain, then a more elaborate coffee table design may be best. If the room has a more rustic look, or a floral theme, or if it’s in a cabin on the lake up north in Minnesota, then these are all things to consider when choosing not only what kind of coffee table to have, but also how to decorate it. If you ever need help trying to decorate or arrange your space, consider hiring an interior designer in Lake Elmo MN to help you!

8) add metal or stone

Adding metal, stone, or rock decorations are not only a good way to add some more natural tones to your coffee table display, but they also help to add different colors, shapes, and textures. Metallic or stone accents are a good way to elevate any space–regardless of style or theme–without overpowering it.

9) size matters Interior Designer in Lake Elmo MN

When choosing how you want to stylize your coffee table, it’s important to accurately assess what you’re working with first. If you only have a very small coffee table, then it’s probably better to go with a simpler and more focal or single-statement display, rather than trying to clutter it with all of your favorite books, gems, and nick-knacks. Likewise, if you have a bigger coffee table, or a two-tiered coffee table, think of how to best arrange and optimize the space. Sometimes having a more eye-catching display on the top tier and a simpler display (such as stacks of books) on the bottom tier can be a good approach. Interior Designer in Lake Elmo MN

10) Make it personal

One of the best things about decorating your coffee table is that it gives you an opportunity to personalize it and make it unique. If you like to travel, maybe consider putting some of your souvenirs or travel books on display; if you like to collect decorative spoons or little elephant figurines, try to incorporate them into your arrangement. The best coffee table displays are ones that have character and individuality, so feel free to make it your own! Adding personal items to your display can also be good conversation-starters if you ever find yourself hosting or entertaining guests.

Are you thinking of touching up or redesigning your house, office, or business? If so, try contacting Emily Korf, your local interior designer in Lake Elmo MN, at or 612-414-7794. Interior Designer in Lake Elmo MN